Theme Of The Blog

The Simple Skin is a Cruelty-free Skincare Blog. Because beauty or personal health shouldn’t come at the price of someone’s life. There are multiple ways to take care of your skin health, torturing some living beings shouldn’t be one of that.

Let us be kind and let us be CRUELTY-FREE while taking care of skin health.

About The Blog

“Be good to your skin; you’ll wear it every day, for the rest of your life”.

As my tagline says, it is important to take care of our skin on an everyday basis because the skin is the largest organ of our body. And in the same way that we regularly brush our teeth, our skin requires at least some attention to keep it functioning properly. It plays an important role in protecting us from outside pathogens and, you know, holds all our internal organs in place.

When we talk about skincare we’re talking about science-backed ways to improve both the look and function of our skin.

Having a skin-care routine could mean a million different things. Is it putting on the occasional acne-fighting sheet mask? Lining up all 6 of your expensive serums for the perfect selfie? Or using a 10 step Korean beauty routine? 

The truth is, of course, that it can be all of the above and each skin-care routine is necessarily as unique and individual as the person following it. But as skincare has become trendier and its definition has become wider in scope, it’s also gotten a little more intimidating and confusing for a beginner to get started. So here I am to simplify things for you.

About Myself

To tell a little about myself, my name is Shweta Ranshur and I am a 30 years old strong independent woman. A freelancer by profession, and a hard-core animal lover (that’s why I prefer cruelty-free skincare). Also a vegetarian. Other than Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop I am also good at oil pastel painting. And I am obsessively crazy about cleaning and organizing (like Monica) be it stuff in the house, my wardrobe, my thoughts, or my life. So when I am not doing these things I am either playing with my pets or reading (books, articles, emails, and people).

I am a reckless soul and an adventure junkie. And that’s the reason why my journey with skincare has been a rollercoaster. Having oily sensitive skin I have tackled a lot of skin concerns which led me to experiment with my skin a lot. On this journey, I have discovered different ways and techniques to deal with skin concerns, different ways of skincare, and things that work or don’t work (and things that will never work). And I will be elated to share my experience and knowledge with you all.

So if you’re brand-new to the idea of a cruelty-free skincare routine, or if you’ve dabbled in skincare and just really want to know what ingredients or products might be right for you, we’ve got you.

Other info: I am Indian and I have oily sensitive acne-prone skin. So most of my reviews and suggestions will be based on that.


Disclaimer: Skin health mostly depends on your nutrition and genes. What works for me might or might not work for you. Do your full research before investing in anything. And don’t follow blindly.30